Ibanez 440 SII - Anyone played it before?


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Anyone played w/ this axe before? It's quite an old model, and I may wanna purchase it a second-hand (r rather 4th/5th hand already).

I need some comments... Thank you :)
Hi Shredcow,

I checked the website.. I don't think it's the Roadstar series. Anyway the seller checked the headstock, and it says only Ibanez 440 SII. I checked in Harmony Central review, it seems to be a different model compared to Roadstar.
Aye, it isn't. its this.
http://www.ibanezregister.com/Gallery/S series/gal-s440II.htm

What colour is it?

If its an older S series model, playability would be similiar to the current range provide if it has the follow.

- HQ-J trem is stable

I suggest you test the trem first, stability is crucial.
Then check normal playability.

THEN... think carefully, if that trem breaks, what other trems can you use to replace it? Replacement parts are going to be nearly non-existant.
adding to the above considerations, if it's not an all-access neck joint, you'd have problems scouting for replacement necks should the current ones be unplayable for various reasons.

SUB @ Desaru...
Alas, after talking to the owner.. He wants to sell it at 300S$ 8O ...

THe guitar had faulty pickups, rusty strings, problematic circuitry. I gave up... I think he bought it much cheaper many more years ago...

Thnx for all the advice...
My RP was also 200 and slightly below. But he rather keep it at home than feel the pain of selling it cheaper..

I think maybe I should concentrate on getting one in Swee Lee sales ba... I mainly wanna play lead and fast solos... I really like a Gibson SG, but I think I will settle for smething like Fender / Ibanez first...

Although I can say I have been playing for more than 5 years, but not intensive enough. The best I can is solo those Beyond's songs.. That's why I wanna buy something cheaper first, then buy something better after I have keep up w/ myself. N also, I feel abit pai seh to test exp. guitars outside... Not expert enough, don't really dare to test...

ShredCow, gotch any recommendations? Budget up to 1K... Best is that the guitar is not made in Korea / China... I have an Ovation now, korean made. Some of the parts are visibly inferior...

Thx :D

EDITED: I think I will move my query to subversion's Pre-SL sales thread...
Ah... you can consider the current s series range. Or the RG. Those will serve you well! But let Sub tell you more... ;)