Going digital so all this crud must go. ZVex, EHX, Strymon, Wampler, MXR etc.


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Strictly no trades thank you as I am downsizing.
Make me reasonable offers if you will, but just because I am having a clearance doesn’t mean I am entertaining lowballers. :)
These prices are lower and supersede any prior listings of these items, but if you do find I made a mistake and listed it cheaper elsewhere, let me know and I will honour that.
As any of you will know who have dealt with me in the past, my gear is exactly as described; pls read my Carousell feedback here: https://carousell.com/vernplum for others’ testimonials.
Collection/deal area is Farrer Road/Holland V MRT (so sorry, I do not deliver - do not make offers unless you are prepared to come collect).


Here we go:


Strymon Flint Tremolo/Reverb $325
Condition 10/10. All box and manuals like everything else.
This is an awesome unit with godlike trem and ‘verb sounds, but like I said, I am done with individual pedals pretty much, so reluctantly letting this magical device go. $325 is a pretty good price I think considering they are $400 new, and its condition is good as new.

Red Witch Empress Stereo Chorus $255
Condition 10/10. Used for about 10 minutes only at my house while trying out a stereo rig. It is in absolutely mint 'as new' condition with all the box and stuff.

Tech 21 SansAmp GT-2 $165
condition: 10/10 Mint/good as new
I actually put this up for sale then decided to keep it because it’s a pretty good pedal that does good amp simulations for a good price - useful in many situations to get a consistent tone, direct or with mystery rehearsal studio amps and so on. But, since I’m going full digital with modelling and cab sims and shit, I don’t need this.

Z-Vex Fat Fuzz Factory, hand painted, BRAND NEW $475
Condition is BNIB. It’s this very piece http://www.zvex.com/custom-store/fat-fuzz-factory-b097
WTF was I thinking when I ordered this? I never use fuzz tones, I just got mesmerised by the paint job. Ordered directly from Z-Vex in the US, this one-off hand-painted unit by Hannah Haugsberg has to be seen to be believed - it’s like a piece of jewellery it sparkles so much. I owned a Vexter Fuzz Factory before - this can recreate the original FF tones plus has some fat modes that give it more body. I have only played it for about 10 minutes, admired it for about the same amount, and it’s been in the cupboard for the rest of the time in its box. As it’s new, not much wiggle room on the price (originally USD $359) I’m afraid, but think of it as I paid to have it shipped here and the GST to import it for you (saving you about $50).

Wampler Tumnus, BRAND NEW $255
This is a BRAND NEW Wampler Tumnus overdrive - an 'homage' to the mighty Klon Centaur professional overdrive but in a mini pedal format (and about $1000 cheaper). Unit has been taken out for testing only and comes complete with all the original stuff - box, manual, stickers, etc. Why on earth did I buy it? I have loads of overdrives and dirt pedals (not shown in pic - the ones I am keeping). Because of fricking TheGearPage and That Pedal Show that’s why. They keep going on about how awesome stuff is and I just buy it on impulse, then it arrives, and I realise I don’t need it and/or already have something that does its job. I’m pathetic. Please buy this from me. It won’t make you pathetic, it will just mean that although I lost money because I am so weak willed, at least there is some redemption that the proceeds are going on to buy something that I might actually use. You will be saving $40 on a new one from the SG guitar stores - they are selling at $295.

Blackstone Appliances MOSFET Overdrive. BRAND NEW $305
Another WTF was I thinking purchase. Bought from the US direct from John Blackstone, imported and dutied. I bought it because it looks cool.
Actually it’s a very awesome overdrive with two channels - which you can feasibly set as your crunch and then lead tones. Using MOSFETs the sound is different to other overdrives IMHO and has more ‘throat’ than say a TS or Boss SD. It can get pretty high gain this fella. I’m not fussed to sell this one actually, so don’t bother making cheapskate offers unless it’s near the price listed please. Put this as a MWTS since I think it’s great.

EHX Holy Grail Reverb $155
Condition: 10/10 Excellent (No scratches, chips or wear, but has velcro/3M Dual Lock on base which can be removed)
It causes the sounds of reverberation. Imagine you are in a big church. Now imagine that there isn’t someone talking about Jesus constantly. That’s what reverb sounds like. Plus it has a modulation mode so it can go quite spacey.

MXR Fullbore Metal, BRAND NEW $100
This is a BRAND NEW Jim Dunlop MXR Fullbore Metal distortion effect pedal. Bought couple weeks back at Rankin for $136, letting it go for $100. Just taken out for testing a bit. As you can see in the pictures it has all the stuff it came with. No trades and no crappy offers thank you. The price is fixed, good people - this item is brand new.

Ibanez Super Metal Mini, BRAND NEW $125
This is a brand new in box Ibanez Super Metal Mini distortion pedal. Bought only a couple of weeks ago and just taken out to check sound and inspect only. Costs $149 new at SL, so basically you are getting a new pedal for $26 off. Suitable for hard rock and heavy metal styles up to Metallica type chunk rhythm sound This item is NEW and the price is fixed.

DigiTech Hardwire Stereo Phaser $165
Condition 10/10. Used for about 10 minutes only, so is in 'as new' condition with all box and manuals, plastic bags etc.

Boss MIJ DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion effect pedal $95
It's a Boss DF-2. You press it and it makes feedback. Plus it's a distortion pedal. Apparently these are highly collectible. Condition is 8.5/10 (minor scuff marks). There is no box or manual for this item.

MythFX Infinium Delay $155
Condition: 9.5/10 almost immaculate
This is kind of rare I think. Check it out if you are a collector because I think this pedal is the star of the show - all the rest I think are pretty common. I recommend you read up on it http://www.mythfx.com/infinium.htm

MythFX Triton Modulation Pedal $155
Condition: 9/10 Excellent
Partner of the above. It does chorus, vibrato and flanging. Which is pretty frickin’ “A” when you think about it. I might even keep this one.

Hotone Komp Opto Compressor SGD $80
Condition: 10 - mint/good as new.
I decided I am not a compressor guy, so this is just sitting in the cupboard. I used it for about 5 minutes. Actually it was 10 minutes, but I compressed it by 50%. That’s how good this is.

Guyatone MC-3 Micro Chorus $45
Condition: 7.5/10 Surface scratches/minor chips. Has velcro/3M Dual Lock on base which can be removed.
Swirly chorus from highly rated Japanese brand, good for playing intro to Come As You Are.

One Control Mosquite Blender $55
Where does it come from? Japan. It is made by One Control which is one of the leading J-brands for loopers/switches and controlly things as well as hand-made high quality effects.
What does it do? it allows you to blend your perfect mix of wet and dry signals. It’s more useful than you think. When you get it and play with it you will go ‘ah-ha! I can do this with it’. Useful for pedalboard freaks.
Do you want it? Yes you do. Very much.
What condition is it in? 8/10 - minor scuffing. Works perfectly.
Will it help me get girls? Sadly no. I have to be honest about this one. For that you need a delay pedal such as the Modtone. That’s a major pussy magnet.
For only $55? You gotta be joking! I am not. Feel free to offer me more, like say $75; I call that ‘highballing’ - you would be the world’s first.

Modtone MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay $75
Condition: 9.5/10 Excellent (No scratches, chips or wear, but has velcro/3M Dual Lock on base which can be removed)
This is a great sounding delay which as mentioned above in the Mosquite listing is a major pussy magnet? How so? Well, once, I set a simple short slapback delay, played an ‘A’ chord and a cat jumped on my face.

One Control Distro tiny PSU and A/B box thrown in $115
Condition - pretty much new in box (both psu and A/B box) project you had in your mind. Buy it along with the PT Nano, add some wheels and have a tone skateboard.

Jim Dunlop Crybaby G95Q Wah-wah $130
Condition 9.5/10 (has 3M DualLock velcro on base, very minor unnoticeable scuffing at housing sides) This is a hardly-used Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal in amazing condition. It has never been gigged or taken out of the house, and never stepped on using shoes. You won't find a pre-owned one in a better state. Tested, working, awesome.

Digitech Death Metal $55
Condition 9/10.
Heavy AF. Can actually be used to open beer bottles. (Note: I have never done this because I want my gear to be in pristine condition, but I can tell that you would be able to do this with it. Please report in if you buy this from me and go on to actually do this).

Mooer Ultra Drive $75
10/10 Condition mint. Barely used. Boxed with all the crud it came with.