Made in Japan (rare) short scale stratocaster for sale - MINT & CHEAP !


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Hi all,

21 jumbo frets. Vintage tuners. Truss rod neck heel adjust. Dark Rosewood board. Vintage white. Bare knuckles mother's milk pickup set.

This is a re repost for 3 reasons. Firstly, the price has been reduced to $1200. As always hit with reasonable offers but no low ballers. Secondly I like to stress that this is a short scale Stratocaster (24.75"). NOT the smart size Stratocaster some buyer was asking about only after quite a few text exchanges. Go look it up in the Fender Japan website. Smart size guitars are like for toddlers. 15% shorter and smaller body with an approx 22.4" scale length. Seriously a candidate for a HELLO KITTY or TELLY TUBBIES guitar sold at Toys R' US. Forget the rubber band tensioned strings. Even a 14 year old teenager would look ridiculous with one strapped on in public.

Thirdly I have had enquiries from folks stating that the price should be much lower since its price is pretty close to a - "hold your breath" - An American standard Stratocaster.... Before I go off on a long tirade. I will simply say that if anyone thinks that a Jap made strat let alone a limited edition domestic market limited Jap made strat is inferior or equal to a mass produced to the millions US made Stratocaster with a close to 1.5mm of plastic poly finishing then that person is either too young or has not played enough guitars. Period. Young punks weaned on marketing and more advertising... Same kind of people who will pay US$3700 for a Gilmour strat or US$8000 for a Clapton ES-335 and believe they will sound closer to Gilmour and Clapton. I will stop here before my blood pressure rises.

I have on hand a MINT Fender Japan short scale Stratocaster in vintage white (rosewood board). Yes, its an official rare short scale Stratocaster 24.75" scale instead of the usual 25.5". This is a REAL Fender Stratocaster and is made for the Japan domestic market. Not an export model.

What this means is easier chording, string bending and a rounder warmer sound as how Les Paul would compare with a Stratocaster. Obviously a Les paul would still sound fatter and sustain more due to wood type, mass and the humbuckers so lets not be too anal about it.

A Strat is 25.5", a Les Paul 24.62", a standard PRS 25". So anyone who has played electric guitars should know the playing feel and difference.

Having single coils on a short scale guitar seems to have the best combination of warmness and note clarity much like Paul Gilbert's Ibanez fireman guitar. Forget talent. Anyone who has played an electric guitar long enough will realise that with average to below average sized hands and finger length, its near impossible to come close to the playing speed and reach of any notable guitarists no matter if its - paul gilbert, malmsteen, vai, satriani, petrucci, johnson, bonamassa and even SRV and Hendrix. Simple arithmetic. Even if you play as fast as them, for every millimetre that their giant hands and fingers move to say do a pentatonic scale run, a smaller pair of hands with shorter fingers will have to stretch and move perhaps to cover double the distance. In this case a short scale guitar will help. Obviously no need to do a dramatic downsize of scale length like Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez who is playing an Ibanez guitar of 24" scale and less... some folks suggested the Vigier Shawn Lane and that is fine for a shredder. However if you like the Fender single coil tone, why pay over $3000US for a guitar that does not do single coil split tones?

To cut the long story short, I am selling this on behalf of a friend who cannot get used to the short scale because of his orge (SHREK) like hands and super fat fingers. However I am sure there will be lots who will find this strat a joy to play. And it does play like butter.

The street value and you can check on Ebay is a cool US$1029 (S$1337). I am selling it for S$1200. The sweetener or rather deal maker is the fact that there is a set of bare knuckle mothers milk pickups installed in this strat. This is easily another $280 value added to it (original pickups included). Japanese strats are known for their impeccable built and quality control but not their stock pickups.

In case you are wondering about playability, the frets are classic jumbo and radius is 12" so feel free to bend and shred to your heart's content. The rest of the specs are as per vintage styling. Without touching, playing and feeling the guitar, its next to impossible to tell that its a short scale Stratocaster.soft

No loans, No gig auditions or trials. Everything is MINT and good to go. The guitar is surprisingly dead silent with excellent shielding. In fact if you see any thing you don't like (damage / scars / cracks / rust...etc on the guitar) then just reject it on the spot. I stand by anything that I sell.

Interested parties please call.

Reasonable nego allowed but no lowballs.

9889 3359

I'm so sorry TS bro.... I feel you .. I feel you...

Wooooshaaaa....... Woooooshaaa..... count from 1 to 10.... Relaaaax....

It's a darn good guitar and I second everything that you said...soft
Good luck on your sale and dont take it too hard.... it's the internet bro.... what do you expect?


The street value and you can check on Ebay is a cool US$1029 (S$1337). I am selling it for S$1200.


Uh huh. Gonna have to try harder dude.

Less rambling and actual pictures, no one wants to hear your swindler's tale.
I'm so sorry TS bro.... ETC
Despite how stupid a request it was, at least his post isn't formatted like a 7 year old typed it.

Uh huh. Gonna have to try harder dude.

Less rambling and actual pictures, no one wants to hear your swindler's tale.
Despite how stupid a request it was, at least his post isn't formatted like a 7 year old typed it.

Gentlemen, Ladies or whatever gender types you belong to.

At the expense of showing your ignorance, please do your homework before posting any accusations or insults.
That Ebay listing is for a SHORT SCALE SMART SIZED (24" or 22.4") Fender. AKA , a Mickey Mouse / Hello Kitty / Doraemon sized guitar. This is PRECISELY what i mentioned in my listing that i am NOT selling. This is 30% or more smaller than a standard Fender Strat. Notice the 2 knob ( 1 volume, 1 tone) configuration? Surely that must have ringed a bell. If anyone is looking for those then once AGAIN this is NOT that guitar by a long shot.

I clearly state the Fender i am helping sell is a 24.75" scale Fender Stratocaster. It is identical to a standard stratocaster in every way except for the shorter (Gibson) scale. I am refraining from feeding any trolls here because there are no pictures in my postings but the scale length difference is clear enough.

My number is there if any face to face viewing / testing of the guitar is needed for serious considerations. The guitar is here locally in the flesh/wood. If anyone is dumb enough to see, feel and play the guitar they don't want and still buy it then i am perhaps guilty of selling it to morons.

And yes the paypal receipt is there to verify the list price.

With all due respect, even if you do not want a face to face meeting or if you don't have any intention of buying then at least do give a call directly to clarify any doubts rather than post anonymous negative comments.

It is a small forum in a small market, the word swindler doesn't fly too well unless one is a troll looking for an online fight.

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