1970's Ibanez MIJ Lawsuit EB-3 Bass (FS/FT)


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Dear all,

I have a lovely early 1970's Ibanez 2354B that is up for sale or trade.
This is the MIJ Lawsuit copy of the Gibson EB-3 bass from the 60s as you may know it as.

Features include:

Mahogany Body with a selected Birch Top
Hand Laminated Birch Neck (Detachable)
Ebonized Rosewood Fingerboard with Pearloid Dot Inlays
Chrome Plated Pickups
Beautiful Walnut / Worn Brown Finish

The pictures below are all from Google*.
ibanez eb3.jpgibanez eb3 2.jpg

Comes with the original case as well.

Cosmetically, it's not perfect. Keep in mind, this is a 50-smth year-old guitar. There are dings, scratches and everything else you would expect from a guitar of its age. However, no work has been done to the guitar itself - that is to say, it really is for true collectors and enthusiasts. With that said, working condition is great - and there are no internal problems with the bass. If keen, actual photos and video demos can be sent upon request.

I'm looking to get $1000 for this.
Prior listings on Reverb went for 600USD with lack of an original case, and without factoring in shipping costs. Currently, there are no listings on Reverb for this piece anymore (in general, not just with shipping to SG factored in). The closest I've come to finding this piece online is that of a listing on eBay Germany - and it is currently going for 800 euros (before shipping). To save you some time, that's 1.2k SGD before shipping. And it doesn't come with original case either.

Alternatively, I don't mind trades too. Please hit me with what you have - I am open to almost anything. Very keen on a Greco SA700W. Anything MIJ works for me honestly.

If interested, please contact me at 8101 0441 for a non-obligatory viewing.
Dear all,

I have received a fair few trades for basses in the hours that this has been posted. And in receiving these offers, it has gotten me to reflect on my own inventory - and I have decided that I am quite happy with the basses that I have currently. I have decided that trades-wise, I am currently only looking for guitars. Very sorry for not mentioning this any earlier, but regardless - I do appreciate all the offers.