goals as a musician?


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was bored and kinda curious on what you guys wana be.. as in ur ultimate goal as a musician.. for me ultimately to be a neo classical guitarist but hafta wait long long i guess..
kinda similar to CrispyEgg's.

i'd like to have a band of my own, a side project, as well as a source of guidance to younger bands.
Acoustic guitar/singing.

Or/and playing in a great band.

I don't just want to be someone who comes and goes. ;)
i wanna be happy wif wad i do and not regret it in 50 yrs time,

make songs that speaks from the heart
make music where people can tap their feet to
for me personally, i want to do a lot of writing and hope to go far despite setbacks. then i want to take vocal lessons and lead a band to fulfil this everthirsting passion.
To make a living out of doing what i enjoy most, which is making music.
Fame, glory, riches are bonuses but aren't on my list of priorities.
So long as the masses are happy, i'm happy :D
BlackMoo: mostly by electronic music right? that's what i heard about sonic illusionists so far, most use electronic means...

ahh, i'd rather be an SRV or Mr.Big than Britney Spears or Simple Plan. make music that will be down in history, (SRV and his blues, Mr.Big and their classic rock) not for my NAME but for my MUSIC.