G77 chinese new year party

oh yea !

i saw him perform at harry's (the bar @ esplanade)

me and my bandmates had just finished jamming and were drawn to the wonderful music coming from inside. we popped in too see ( we dont drink much so didnt really intend to buy anything from there)

and he tapped out a nice bit for us. i mean , tapping specially because we went in , carrying gig bags and all. really nice playing i think he has.
wow...that was quite some magic. I really like the jazzy music he played.

thanks for sharing.
hey kerr...

P.A.U.L la..
pual... hahahha

btw ... your song is ... G5 , Cm , Dm ....
then interlude is Em -- (Dm7 , Am7 )x2

then transpose up half a step.

enjoy your big day man .. she confirm steam one.