SOLD WTS: Rickenbacker 4003S bass

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This was bought new in November 2016 from an Ebay seller based in the USA. Mapleglo finish.

Condition is 9/10. There are some sticker residue near the controls when trying to remove the sticker. Otherwise, there are no dents or scratches. Electronics are working fine. The bass has a push pull pot for the bridge pickup which is stock, what it does is, when you pull up the pot, it gives the vintage trebly tone and when the pot is pushed down, it gives a modern, bassier, fatter tone. Looking at the serial number that is displayed at the input jack, its made in 2016, week 22.

The mods I have done to this bass is:

1)Replaced the stock hi gain pickup with a toaster pickup made by Creamery from UK. Stock pickup will be included as part of the sale.

2)Removed the bridge pickup cover and installed a treble bezel thumbrest for more freedom to pick or fingerstyle playing. The stock bridge pickup cover is included as part of the sale as well.

This bass is quite similar to the one Paul McCartney played during his later Beatles era and of course, its more prominent during his Wings era days. Oh and the bass is currently strung with Thomastik Jazz Infield flatwound strings. No problems getting the classic Rick bass tone using just the neck pickup and tone slightly rolled off. You will have fun playing along from the Sgt Peppers era onwards till the Abbey Road era :)

Hardcase included along with accessories that consist of keys, manual and cloth. I have never used the cloth at all. I only used this bass once for a gig and most of the time, it has been used for home practice. Why am I selling? I just find myself using other basses more frequently than the Rick and its quite a pity to leave it unplayed most of the time.

So how much did I spend on this beautiful bass plus the mods? About $2900 Sing dollars for the bass, shipping, GST and the pickup/thumbrest mods. I am looking to sell for $2000, non-neg and fixed price. I am NOT KEEN in trades at all. I’m in no hurry to sell so its only a deal when the lucky buyer agrees on $2000. I hope I made this point very clear.

You are welcome to try out the bass at my place in Tampines. I have a Blackstar ID Core Beam amp to test thru. Not the best amp but I do recommend using headphones when testing cos thats what I always do most of the time at home.

Let's have a smooth sailing deal and I might throw in more goodies to go along😀

Anyone who's keen, pls email me at, thanks..
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