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erm is equalister very important? i heard tat doing some settings can get u some metal sound or acoustic all those type, izzit true? cos i wanna get tone like the song far beyong the sun? needhelp thx :D if i wan tones like tat what should i get 1st? equaliser? or wahwah pedal? or someothers? cos when i plug my e.guitar in, its sound kinda lke acoustic and clean, dun have those sharp pointed sound
Far beyond the Sun? Thats an overdriven tone on single coils. The EQ for that kinda tone, I'm not too sure, perhaps someone else knows.
IMHO an equaliser is very good to customise the tone you want ~

Bought a GE7 off Thor666 recently ...
i really wonder how i ever lived without one ~!
the variability you get from 1 pedal .. it just make me wanna buy another one ...
One for strumming , the other for leads ... ~

as to whether an EQ or wah 1st ...
i'd go with a wah ~

it seems you know wat you want in mind ...~
Learning how to use a wah is something i've not mastered yet ... might take sometime ... ~
the eq ... is more for when you know wat you want out of the sound you already have, and how you'd want to improve it ~
so in other words, equaliser is the same as the amplifer build in eq? izzit? not too sure, im getting too, need help too.

the type of sound i wanna get is this:


canon in d the 1st song

the guitar part after it start after 14th sec, omfg this song really sux dam great, if only i plae that song . . . i dun even own any guitar now :( looking forwarding for my 1st e.guitar :D
where did u bought it? any places tat do deliveries? kinda lazy to go step out of my house haha :lol: anyway what effect the song use? or izzit juz plain eq settings? i think it does use abit of wah wah
forgot to ask, if i use eq on the pedal, will the eq on the amp will effect the sound? if it does what should i set? set all flat on amp?
i believe the song uses a wah, compressor, distortion, chorus and delay.

I got my Ge7 off someone at the classifieds here or at luthermusic.com ~

I use my eq to give me a different sound ... ~
so ... like ... i'll set my amp eq with my guitar clean 1st ...
den ... run my pedals thru ... find a compramise between dist and clean ...
den i set the GE7 ...

so like ...
i play on my amp with my modded MT2 (set at overdrive) - gives me a very full and thick sound
den ... when i wanna solo ... i kick in the ge7 for a very dry... more mids .. less bass ... kinda setting ... so it'll cut thru ......

hey i just got my Ge7 less den a week ...
so .. i'm still trying to find a nice setting myself ...

try hearing all the pedals to see which suits you best ~
keep in mind there are other brands as well ...
i just prefer BOSS over others ...

i feel ...
basic peds to get are overdrive, distortion, compressor and delay
den maybe a wah .. chorus, octave, flanger ...etc ..

with the different kinda variations you can get when you couple the ge7 with other pedals .... the range of tones is amazing ... but ... damn irritating when .. you like this setting with overdrive ... den another setting for another distortion ... and den clean ... a differnt setting

blow ur brains out ... ~
Guys, I think you have to take note of somethings... yeap, what nebo said about the usefulness of the GE7 is all correct... It IS a great device.

However, I think, since you guys are new to this, you should have a little patience and do some research/testing on your own. Not that I am looking down on newbies or what, but if you are not sure about a product, it would do you a world of good to check it up well... and try to get a hands on session with it.

An EQ is a nice thing to have.. but its not as essential as getting to know your guitar; like how your volume pot can be used to get a less saturated and less trebly tone. How your tone pot can be used to obtain a very smooth violin like tone. How your vibrato can be varied in character. And so on and so forth...

Hope this gives you a different perspective on GASing and getting gear.
noobastank said:
i dun even own any guitar now :( looking forwarding for my 1st e.guitar :D

Dude ..
i think dun worry abt pedals first la ~
main thing is to get a guitar ... ~
I recently tried a Squire Bullet, with lace sensor pickups .... not bad for a starter guitar. It's quite cheap as well ... somewhere around the range of $300 or less ~
side tracking: the Squier Bullet is a very affordable guitar- $275 list
hehe actually im aiming for epiphone lp copy, well the sales juz over :( tat my luck, so most likly getting it over from lluther for 599. btw is my amp good? my friend give his old one to me. its a marshall mg15 cdr
noobastank said:
btw is my amp good? my friend give his old one to me. its a marshall mg15 cdr

Actually ... it's not a bad amp ...~
but .... i dun really like the marshall sound (personal preference)... ~
Especially the MG15 ..

i had a poltergist experiance with that amp...~
my friend lent it to me ... and while i was playing .. all of a sudden i heard tamil coming out of the amp .. like a woman was speaking on the phone ...~ Scared the crap out of me ...~! i switched it off ... den on again ... suddenly .. RADIO ... lololol ~! kinda eased the fear off abit ....
Main reason could be becoz i put the amp too near the TV ...~

But the amp is not bad lah ~
but i find the tone abit thin for my liking ... ~
My Fender bullet reverb is not dat great also ...
but ... for practise .. it serves it's purpose ...
one thing i like abt the MG15 is the amp's distortion and the reverb ~
darkballa said:
Can anyone post some good equaliser pedals and their prices? thanks

1st hand price ... i duno ...
here's luther's classifieds for amps and effects :
current market rate for the BOSS GE7 ranges from $65-90 depending on condition~
Also ... this site is mostly ppl selling 2nd hand products ... so other brands are avaliable

i'm not a fan of danelectro products but ... it should be cheaper ~
This is the shop dat carries danelectro pedals
i wouldnt buy those pedals other den for experimental purposes ~
but .... to each his own ....~

Can check swee lee's prices on ibanez, digitech and MXR pedals at this site
Swee Lee also carries BOSS pedals ... GE7 included...

Davis guitar also carries EQ peds ...
Think it's called AMT ... something ...