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Hello everyone. I'm starting my own humble Kickstarter project that will be launching in July / August 2021.

Product video: https://vimeo.com/557486923


My story
I first started distributing and selling a range of ear plugs in 2020. Since then, we've had feedback + frequently asked questions from customers on some of the products sold and I wanted to address those gaps. Personally I use them every night to sleep as I'm a light sleeper - so these are a life saver. I definitely won't raise my hands up if it comes to 'revolutionary' or 'game-changing' products. But it was important that I tried to close the gaps that my existing customers faced and make improvements to something as simple as a 'ear plug'.

Nothing fancy, in fact I got inspired by an existing product so I didn't reinvent the wheel. I made small tweaks but more importantly, I'm trying to focus on educating users on the importance on 'fit'. With the metal body, it is easier to attain a better fit compared to foam ear plugs.

The audience in this forum definitely know their tech/gadgets/wearables and I know people will be making comparisons. So I'm just putting it out there, the changes made:
- Compared to other metal-bodied ear plugs, I made it smaller and lighter which improves versatility for both day and night use

- I also included more durable foam tips that typically last 6 - 8 weeks (an experiment was done and half the tips were in pieces within two weeks)

- Included a concave body for better grip

- Improved on the packaging so not only does it look pretty kick-ass as a gift but more importantly, keeps the foam tips safe in the custom EVA foam cut-out. This ensures your foam tips do not get squashed when you receive your ear plugs.

You can read more at the website where I document my journey: www.soundblockasia.com

If you sign up through the website and purchase on kickstarter, you get a freebie. Thank you for reading, and I appreciate your support! :D

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