Band looking for Acoustic Guitarist / Keyboardist


New member
Hi there!

Newish 3-piece band looking for a 4th member.

Details below. Whatsapp me if interested (phone# is below). Thank you!

Current members:
- 1 drummer
- 1 bassist
- 1 singer/lead guitarist

We'd like an acoustic guitar player or a keyboardist to give us a fuller, brighter sound. Ideally, someone who:
- is tight rhythmically (can funk/groove).
- enjoys and can play different styles/genres.
- is a fast learner (able to improvise/play simple songs without preparation).
- has good feel, and an ear for dynamics.

- Include pop, rock, funk, blues, and the occasional jazzy song.
- We're not heavy: we prefer to keep things light and tasty.
- We like to change things up and add our own spin to songs, sometimes without warning.
- We have about 30+ songs so far, with more to come.

We're all competent musicians with experience performing, but we have families and day jobs.
- We have practice jams about every two or three weeks.
- We plan to gig once every two or three months.

WhatsApp me at 81339901 if you fit the bill.

D, C, and A