Yamaha FG180 Red Label Nippon Gakki Acoustic Guitar Made in Japan For Sale


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The Holy Grail of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars is to own a red label model made in the Nippon Gakki Factory between 1966 and 1972. Today, you can get the chance to own one of these super rare Made in Japan guitar - The only other model being sold is its sister Fg300 - also being sold by yours truly.

The renowned FG180 acoustic guitar was one of 2 initial export models that launched the famed Yamaha FG Series of guitars that were made in the Nippon Gakki Factory in Japan (the other being the FG150). This guitar is so rare that Yamaha Singapore did not even have an original red label to launch their Red Label series with in Singapore.

Guitar is nicely set up for comfort, and I assure you that this is important as most of the guitars from that era requires a neck reset given that the neck has warped. This guitar however plays like well for its age, and sounds like a cannon.

A true vintage piece which has seen some dings over the last half century (yes this guitar is 50 years old so please so not expect a pristine looking piece of wood), the sound of this guitar literally tells a story that is clear, but yet resonant.

WA at 911two85six0 to deal at this unbeatable price ($999) for this rare piece of history today.

Viewing/Inspection/Collection at Upper East Coast and Marine Parade.
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