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SHITE! one of the tremolo posts(the one that adjusts action) on my guitar is worn out after excessive tightening by the allen key compunded by rust.
Is it feasible to repair just that part or do I have to change the whole bridge?? Kindly include the estimated cost of the repair too, if you're familiar. Thanks!
thanks man.
That trem is good, much more rust-resistant than my old Ibanez bridge.

anyone else can input?
davis might have just the post, should be around $10 i think, thats just a rough guess, considering locking nut set costs $10
Dunt worry mine screw up also..Just try a way to get the post out .U can superglue an allenkey to the post then turn it. The most u lose one allenkey and the dead post. :D

The Post is not that expensive also.
oh, so you mean the post can be taken out by itself? Don't have to remove strings and remove the whole bridge?
No man... how can you take out a trem post without removing your trem?

Come on! ;)

Told you to come for that restringing lesson. 8)