SOLD WTS - Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal ($100) - Clearing

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Selling off at $100

What is being sold:
- Set of double pedals
- 2 boxes of interchangeable pedal cams, allen keys and drum keys (these came with the pedal)
- Double pedal carry case.

Condition of the item.
Some cracks on the rubber shoe grips (doesn't affect pedal performance).
Felt tip of the beater is kind of worn out (as shown in the picture).
Some visible rust due to the age of the item.
Overall, still working.


Why buy this pedal?
The cheapest double pedal in the market out there, brand new, could easily cost more than $200. And it does not have all the features that Pearl Elims have. Some key features that are critical in training your footwork on the drumset, would be the ability to change the cams (that affects the feel and beater action), plus you can also adjust the heelpiece to find a more suitable fit for your playing style.


Please note the following before contacting me:

1. Price is negotiable, but please state the date & time that you can deal, because how early you can deal will also be considered together with your offer.

2. Like any other seller, I'm looking to let go to the buyer who can offer the highest and deal the soonest. So in this regard, I may not be able to reserve the item if your proposed deal date is much later in the future and another buyer is keen on dealing earlier than yourself.

3. The location is at Ang Mo Kio MRT. Or if you are buying other items I'm selling, we can deal at my place @ AMK.

4. During meetup, please inspect the item to your satisfaction before dealing. No refunds afterwards.

5. Please whatsapp / sms (only) @ 87402615
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