WTS: TMG Dover(strat) Playa series *1st edition made*

Back in 2014 (before TMG Guitar Co was under new ownership), I got this guitar from a friend (Jesse) I met on Soft. He shipped it from Australia at the time and it has been my main axe ever since. From his own words, this is what he had to say about the guitar:

The Playa series is their custom series, made with the finest woods available, best hardware, and some of the sweetest pickups around. This is one heck of a special strat! Taylor David built this guitar specially for me while I was studying in Sydney, and I saw the whole process, picked the neck myself, and watched him do the final assembly of the guitar. I have had this guitar for a year now but I have a strat now that I can't put down at the moment, so this one has to go! Comes with a special TMG Playa G&G case (brown with gold cushion and has the TMG logo inside). It's a special strat, very Eric Johnson like! The neck is one of the best flame I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen quite the bunch! The neck was supposed to be used to make a tele for Keith Urban, but Taylor let me choose between 2 that he was going to use, and I chose this one! Ask me for pictures and I'll show you exactly why! This guitar would cost you easily $3600-4000 USD if ordered today, plus an insane waiting time!

1 piece premium swamp ash body
1 piece AAAAA flame maple neck with maple cap
Black Sparkle Finish (first one ever done)
Special Porter pickups (john mayer spec)
Custom Japanese handmade bridge (chose this over Callaham)
Huge C shape neck

Last year I sent it to Goose to change the frets and do a proper set up for playability sake. It costed me a few hundred dollars but the guitar plays way smoother now with the low action set up. No buzzing at all. Everything else on the guitar is stock. If you have more questions about the guitar or want pictures do reach out to me on Whatsapp, 92215370.

Looking at 4.2k for the guitar at the moment but price can be discussed. You can also drop by my place to try the guitar.