Craftsman GS200 LP type


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HI everyone,

I'm actually looking for a new eletric guitar. Been on acoustic for a couple of years already. Thinking of moving on to learn more on the electric side..
I'm looking at the Craftsman GS200 LP type selling at luther music

what do you all think?
you guys are much better informed than me on such things. can give me some advice???
or if you all think i shouldn't get this, what do you think i should get?
I would prefer a LP body rather than a strat though.
I only have a budget of around 350 - 400....
reserving the few more hundred bucks for an multi effects pedal
Ive tried it... Im really into lespauls guitar so ive actually tried a couple before making my final decision. lol but i went with a burny. anyway.

ive tried the craftman, the finish is ok-ok, sound wise... maybe change the pickups? i recommend the aria lespaul in music theme... 480 before discount if im not wrong... maybe 420 after discount? go give it a try man... its a good guitar.
I'll take a pic when i go home. At school now.

Its a beauty man trust me lol.

U can get from ishibashi... 700+ after tax and the.. shipping cost.

however, u can get from yamaha at 900. They dont hav my model though. RLG-45Z.

They only have... RLG-45. well its just the pickups. Zebra pickups, VH500-R and VH-500N.

But im attracted by their pink lespaul LOL. serious man. mine's heritage sunburst.
Thanks for the loads of replies man...
Actually the only burny i know of is the one that Hide uses in LAST LIVE. I'm a X japan fan!!! :lol:

Love to get a Les paul look guitar like the one pata uses... :oops:
but its too expensive. so I'm looking for a Copy... the craftsman one looks close and looks nice...hee..
will go down to shops and see though...

If you guys spot any epiphone les paul for sale in my budget. do tell me too???
i see that you aren't after an entry level unit after all, then my recommendation would be the Tokais:

Tokai ALC-45 (Bolt-on make, $850)

review here:

Tokai LS75 (Set-neck make, $1,400)

review here:
yea i recommend the craftsman. i have the craftsman gs80 from citymusic and it osunds great but the pick-ups are mediocre.
go city music website look under hot deals thn hammer they got promotion right now i think go take a look!
hey you're wrong. I am looking at entry level. hahah.. just wishing i had a guitar of Pata's or Hide's

My budget's only at 400 max..
Actually there is also the J&D brothers les paul.

Current in stock model is the Goldtop and the Black Beauty. The quality should be on par with Aria les paul, but price is quite cheaper.

My own instock is the Goldtop. This I am selling at $300 only. The Black Beauty should be about $50 more. This is due to additional binding on the headstock and sides too.

If you want to just pm me to make an appointment to come test it out.
thanks for the offer. I'll be shopping in maybe davis and luther first . then maybe sweelee look around first then decide.. thanks !!!
craftsman guitars are made by J&D also, their relatively good value for money, i used to own the gs200 i tink, kinda nice, everything about it was nice except the pickups could use a change, and the neck is a bolt-on
Hey man... u are knew to electric guitar so must tell u that the Lp are not light... kinda heavy... be warned and they don't have wammy bar...

I wanted to get Lp in first place but then the weight is killer so must see u often stand to play or sit to play...

Good luck on ur finds...
Ya i know they are not light...
Not exactly new to eletric guitars lah.. just that i dont own an electric guitar..
usually i play on my friend's guitar... his is a fender model i think. I'm not sure whats the model number or stuff...
its a telecaster i think.. not sure... my friend say LP's weight is somewhere near there
There are some good second hand Epiphone Les Paul Standards that you can find at Luther Music, usually selling around $450. You can also find some at Yahoo Auctions for around that price range up to about $500.

I've owned a Craftsman LP copy before. It was good except that my tuners do not hold well, so the strings tend to go out of tune after some hard playing. I'v seen the Craftsman LP at Luther and it's much better in quality and construction than some of the earlier Craftsman LP copies.

I alos had an Aria Pro II Les Paul copy. You can find them at Ranking Sports. Build-wise is fine. I swop my stock pickups with an Epiphone pair that I bought second hand for $50. That make quite a difference in the guitar. Sounded so much better. Price is about $350 or thereabouts.