Bluescreen problems


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Hi softies.
I know this might be out of place.
But my computer is giving me super problems.
I gave it to a technician and he couldnt find the problem of my computer.
Yeah i think he sucks.

Anyway, i have been getting bluescreen often.
Here is the technical info:
stop: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x8A3A5900, 0x8A3A5A7A74, 0X805D2954)

Please help me. Thankyou :D
heh, if you paid the comp tech and he didnt solve it, then yes, he sucks donkey ballz!

But if never pay him and he didnt solve the problem, then he sucks less

Hehe, if we cant solve the problem here, will we suck too?

Anyway, i did a googling on the stop error that you mentioned and got couple of results.

Bro blueprint studio round the forum here might be able to help more as he does more computer stuff. Just wait around for a while, afterall, its new year and saturday. There will be more people out there partying then to stay home on saturday night to help out something that aint getting paid.
I'm in hatyai Thailand now from my hotel room, I return only on 3rd.. But that's not gonna stop me from posting here anyway. Gonna concuss soon but I'm assuming ts is alot more awake for a bad start of the year.

First of all happy new year to you all, and agkp123 welcome to the com section you posted in the right place. I did a few searches and this bsod seems to be of huge variations from CMOS/battery/ram/dying hdd/slave drive setting to pata hdds etc but the good news among this bad news is it seems obviously a hardware problem. So let's hope we can replace something that's faulty but still under warranty!

May I know your com specs and what operating system are you using? And how much you paid your technician lol.j/k. What would you be doing on the computer that would replicate this bsod or just comes and goes ?

Bsod = blue screen of death
Yup. It's definitely some hardware issue in this case. Though I'm primarily a mac user, but I did had experienced some blue screen issues back then when I started out with PC. The first time I got blue screen, I did the most common way by reformatting my main drive. Luckily I'm running dual drive, hance, my personal files were not affected. After reformat, it worked for a while before it came back again. After a few more reformat, I got fed up and went ahead to change a new HDD. And it worked nicely.

But then after a period of time, I got blus screen again. But for this time it's diff. Somehow for some reason, I managed to find out that it's caused my my sound card. (I can't rem how I found out). And I sloved it by disabling the motherboard's soundcard. Now I'm using this bloody old P4 PC to surf net, and nothing else. But recently, I got bluescreen again. This time a found out that it's caused by my linksys wireless adapter. How I found out was by plugging and unplugging to see which causes the blue screen after I plug it in. And once again, this time I sloved by disabling the motherboard's LAN/Eternet, and now I'm happily replying your thread without a prob.
audio_fuzz : I have to tell you that 80% chance there's nothing wrong with your hdd / linksys wireless adapter etc. your mainboard (sorry I have to assume it's MSI) is dying. check for warranty and replace it hehe. if not it may be your powersupply faulty.
Nope, my motherboard is gigabyte,. Errr...and it's working perfectly fine now after I disable all the unnecassary stuffs. I learnt this solution from some IT forum..anyhow, it's an old P4 PC, and I'm only using it to surf net, and misc. stuffs. My DAW is another stand-alone mac which I do not connect it to the net at all. Thks anyway.
icic , though "perfectly fine after disabling components in device manager" don't tally as a functional computer unless you're talking about conflicting devices that causes instability recording on a PC in my experience, may be OS fault instead then.
but hey if you're good that's all there is. you're welcome!