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  • Hi!

    Your mailbox if full :D

    Thanks for all the help you've provided for my questions. Anyway i would like to ask, which are the shops to look out for at the 3rd floor of sim lim?

    And how much should a pot and a drum of soldering lead cost? I dont wanna get cheated there, i've heard a lot of stories about sim lim haha.

    May I know how to use the SAT 500 tuner for tuning my acoustic guitar? and what is the key for?
    nope, no electribe. Havent really figure out how to fit in that to what iam doing usually. Heh, i dont have msn account thou. Feel free to drop me a msg anytime if theres anything

    hey bro!! bobo here. just wanna ask, u got any korg electribe? feel free to add me at
    its a 12 ways switch to switch between 12 different value capacitors. Heh, nothing much other then having some spare time and not wanting to solder everything to the switch directly.

    requesting a larger version of your avatar!
    i can't stop staring and wondering
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