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This place charged me $100 then to proceed to fix none ( I repeat, none) of the problems I payed them to fix. I asked for a refund because I wanted to take it to another store, but the staff despite promising to refund me pathetically attempted to try to break apart my guitar to 'see' the problem for himself. But take another look at this situation. If he offered the refund, why would it matter for him to look at the problem himself while at the same time refusing to give me the refund immediately? So I asked him "why? " he said that he wants to "learn from a mistake". I told him I don't care and that I was busy and that I had to bring this guitar to another store ASAP. Nonetheless, he forcibly broke apart my guitar and when I insisted the refund, he reluctantly gave it to me (and he was visibly mad), but refused to reassemble my guitar that HE broke apart with force. He just left the disassembled guitar on the table and just stood there. I had to reassemble the guitar myself inside his store. Also as he became more irritated (for some reason?) even went on to literally drop my guitar on the table and started to act rude.

Plus, after this incident I took my guitar to other guitar stores and they wouldn't even take the job since any patchwork would be temporary and it would be a better choice to buy a new guitar.

I hope people avoid this store lead by a pathetic man who can't suck up a mistake his employee made, proceeding to treat a victim of the store's incompetency with spite and rudeness.
Is there any pic references to the condition of your instrument? Some of the learned / experienced members here might suggest the next best alternative to the situation; we can all learn from this episode.
I feel for you. My experience in recent years has been better but it's been all retail.... but my previous bad experience with this shop goes back to the early 1990s.
That's odd. I always go to this shop to buy some used Electric Guitars and do some simple setup of my axe. One of the staff there, Jay is pretty knowledgeable and helpful for any questions I have. He even modified the electronics of the guitar that I was planning to purchase to my liking free of charge!

Are we talking about the same shop here? They're of course not perfect, he once did not know how to resolve an issue with the pickups of my Les Paul but turned out that it was a Peter Green mod!
I bought a used LP guitar from someone who just got it from GW with a 6 month warranty. There was a faulty 3 way selector. Turns out the the 3 way was badly jammed into the cavity and the solder joints were affected. And the oxidation on the contacts was not cleaned. Which I found strange as it was a month-old purchase from GW. I'm not going to attribute the oversight to GW to be fair, as I wasnt their direct customer, but I would encourage buyers to inspect guitars to see if they have been fully serviced before buying them instead of relying on the post-payment warranty. Things will be smoother that way with no room for misunderstandings.