Bass PRISM strings (6)


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has anybody seen Prism strings for 6 string bass (superlong scale) in singapore? i cant find any! it definitely exists, maybe singapore companies dont see the profit in shipping them in?

does anybody know how i could get a hold of them, by importing or so? =) thx.
Wellz Prism is out of production liaoz... It's now revamped and revised and improved as Prosteels... Yepz.. it's still that super hard, bright, chews up frets and fingers Prism

Cheers =)
Not really.. I noe Maestro have the 4 strings version..

Not tat sure abt Davis...Maybe u can ask them to stock some for u haha

Cheerz -)
bought bass strings at davies before...they always recommend me a brand with the lion pic.....turns out pretty good too... :wink:
That is rotosound =)

quite a good brand

Btw Crispy Egg, y do u like prosteels?

I have them on my bass now and it's a pain to play....

Sheesh.. i'm switching back to normal nickel wounds now... or maybe flats haha =)
ahh... i went looking around and all i managed to find was slowounds, so i'll give them a try =) 6-string sets are a headache to locate!!!

prataz: where'd u get your pro-steels? i used Prism strings on my 5-string bass, n they sounded really good, suitable for my type of playing and all. the elixirs that came with my 6 string don't give enough punch, my friend told me to try DRs at davis but they cost a BOMB. lol.

elixirs strings are coated with a thin film of plastic to ensure that dirt and grime don't get into the grooves of the roundwound strings.

elixirs maintain that metallic 'zing' or 'brightness' 3-4 times longer than normal strings, so in a way they're more economical than buying normal bass strings.

elixirs are made by goretex, makers of our army boots!
cool, info we all could use =) (altho i already kno that)

so far i've felt the difference between strings and elixirs may be economical, but not the tone that i would want. =(
hey crispy egg... stick to your elixirs lah... dun waste money since you just got them... maybe you'll grow to like them? :D

our army boots are quite good you know... 8O
Re: ..

rottenramone said:
i don't like the tone of elixirs as well... i use thomastik infeld powerbass strings. shiok shiok!!
sounds bombastic man. like... WMD. (weapons of mass destruction)

hey rufus! haha i'm gonna get my bass setup tomorrow. if the elixirs are still not as playable (i like less tension, not sure what set was given free with the bass) then i'll use the new pack of slowounds... check back for a review!
- anybody found PROSTEELS in sg yet? i really wanna try them out...

thomastik infeld is an austrian co which makes strings for classical instruments. they have a dept which makes strings for electric guitars and basses as well.

they're esp loud... dunno why. and it feels damn nice to finger. heheh
Hmz where did you get the thomastik infeld strings?

Quite interested to try =)

Also Slowwounds may not be punchy.

I am assuming that you play more of slap and tapping?

If I am not wrong, Slowounds should be abit more mellow that standard strings. Good for the grooves like Blues, Jazz etc.
i got my slowounds on, and they sound pretty okay! haha, the ends at the headstock are so colourful, it looks like a darn rainbow. purple green black red blue gold. wow. :D

hmm, tough question, what style i play... nearly everything, from basic bass to bass+effects (to get synth sounds) to bass+octave+distortion (close to electric guit). i'm not all to "slap/pop", but trying to get tapping to a considerable standard. might get a synthesizer to cover the sounds i cant get with my bass so far. and no, even with all the effects, i dont play techno >_<
anyway what stings would you people recommend me. i play a 4-stringer. a fender standard jazz bass. i prefer lower tension. also what string size is good and what kind of wound?
Hey. Sorry to interrupt this discussion, but for a new bass, the strings that come with it should be okay right? no need to change until it breaks?
not really true dude...some strings will give you more comfortable feeling when u play...for me, i always change the string of my new bass to rotosound,since im used to it =) diff string will give you diff sound,the diff not really noticeable,but the player can feel it :wink: