WTS Aria Pro 2 MAB Series Bass Body ($70/-)


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im helping this elderly lady sell off an unused bass: Aria pro 2 MAB Series.

i cant exactly say how old this bass is or where its made. it has definitely seen some rollin good times, and aged with chippings here and there. the only clue i have is this inventory label on the back of the bass which states:

Assumption Vocational Institute
22 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678177

this mus have really been an old bass as at the location above now stands The Linear Condominium

apart from the chippings, the maple fretboard is in need of a good scrub. frets could do with some leveling and polish. also it needs new pickup, new electronics, a good cleaning and a setup and this baby will be loved again n surely wont disappoint. il throw in some bass parts ive lying around to help ease the revival.

makcik is looking at $70 for it, hardcase included. Cheap cheap good good just so she can have some money for Hari Raya 🙏

87498281 for pix and queries