SOLD WTS DiMarzio DP549 Ultra Jazz 5 bass pickup set

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Need to get rid of the hum from your 5-string bass' single coils? These could do the trick for you.

Selling a well-utilised set of DiMarzio Ultra Jazz 5 pickups. I had them installed in my bass for about half a year before reverting recently to another model of DiMarzio bass pickups - not to say the Ultra Jazzes were bad, they sounded really nice, I simply decided they didn't quite fit with the inherent tone of my bass. Looking to find a new owner whose bass might suit these pickups better.

They're got a bright tone, somewhat mid-scooped, which could make for a nice slap sound if your bass has a naturally bright timbre (part of the reason why I felt they didn't suit my bass as much, the tone on mine's got a more low-mid emphasis). Tone is a tad thicker-sounding compared to standard single coils. If you have a preamp, you could potentially put these pickups to much better use than I did (my bass is passive). They're hum-cancelling, which is a great innovation; you can play in any environment and not have to worry about these pickups humming, they're dead-silent when you're not playing.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FENDER BASS USERS: As noted by DiMarzio themselves, these pickups will not fit Fender 5-string Jazz Basses without some serious modifications. The reason for that is because their pickups do not follow the outer dimensions of conventional 5-string Jazz pickups (neither Fender nor the majority of other brands). Instead, based on what I've measured, DiMarzio's 5-string pickups (both neck and bridge) seem to follow the conventional FOUR-string Jazz bridge pickup dimensions instead. Measurements are as follows

Outer dimensions: 94mm x 18mm (approximately the same as normal 4-string bridge pickups)
Distance between screws: 40mm
Distance between middle of pole pieces: 17.5mm (neck), 18mm (bridge)

I was able to install these in my own 5-string Fender Jazz Bass because mine's an older Crafted In Japan model that had pickups even smaller than these and therefore my bass required very minimal routing to fit these in, but they are definitely not able to fit modern American- and Mexican-made Fender 5-strings. If you're either using an older Japanese Fender 5-string like mine or using a non-Fender 5-string with pickups in the above measurements, you should be able to install these Ultra Jazzes with no issues.

Going for $150. WhatsApp at 92712441 for pics and more info
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