FS: Sire P7 Tobacco Sunburst


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Sire Marcus Miller P7 Swamp Ash Tobacco Sunburst (5 string) Gen 2 Bass for sale.

Condition: 9/10
Price: $1200
Trades: F Bass BN5 + Top up on my end

Recently well set up with additional copper shielding done ($200+).
Sires are known to have grounding/static hum issues and this essentially solved the entire problem for me.
New elixir strings slapped on as well.

Well taken cared of, wiped down after every gig/pract. Can even use those tuning heads as mirrors lol. Looks and plays really well.
Have a few dings and scratches from regular use but nothing major and doesn't affect playability one bit.

The Volume/Tone and High/Low Mid knobs were changed to metal ones as well.

Arguably the best colourway out of all the P/V7s + sold out at all Sire retailers currently.

Comes with Sire padded gig bag.

Specs here: https://music-co.sg/product/sire-marcus-miller-p7-ash-5-strings-bass-guitar-2nd-generation/

PM me for more details and additional pics if you require. Can also PM me on Carousell for faster reply, same listing. https://carousell.app.link/bmaztC4z4wb

Am looking to sell this soon so if you are interested do drop me a message and maybe we can work something out.

Personally looking for an F Bass BN5 right now so if you have one I will definitely consider trades with top up on my end if that's what you're looking for. But if you are thinking of just selling it I am interested too do PM me.

Thank you in advance.


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