WTS: Sire Marcus Miller V7 Alder ($650)


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This weapon needs no further introduction;
ya'll alr know what it is capable of delivering when ya'll click here.

1st generation
5 string
Antique White finish with MOP block inlay
Alder body
Maple Neck
Ebony Fretboard
2 Marcus Super-J Revolution pickups
Heritage-3 active/passive preamp system
Real bone nut and all-steel bridge for superior tone and performance.
Strung with new D'addario 45-125 with low setup.

Cosmetic: 9/10 [minimal scratches/belt rash, slight oxidation on the bridge saddle and some rust on pickup magnet]. Other than these, hardwares fully working and shining bright.

Working: 10/10. perfect union of the pickup and preamp system. Combine with the 18v power for superior headroom. Plug, play and create chaos!

Asking price is alr the cheapest for an almost immaculate condition 1st gen. Of coz if you' ve spare cash in hand, u can go for the 2nd Gen but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative without compromising the superior quality, look no further!

Unfortunately no bag comes with it coz koyak liao.

Queries and pix can reach me at 87498281. Thanks for viewing 🤘