WTS: Sire 5 String Bass & Washburn Guitar Set ($750)


New member
I am looking to sell these 2 of my instruments as i really need to raise money for my daughter's necessities..

I have here a Sire V7 Alder. Almost new condition. Minor oxidation on the bridge, some rust on the pickup magnet. Overall still great condition, comes with the original bag.

I also have a discontinued Washburn xm std2 guitar to let go tgt. 25.5" scale length with stock Duncan USM passive humbuckers. New pots, jack and 3 way toggle but need a wiring job as the wires got disconnected.

Both comes with bag.

Would really appreciate a fast dealing as i really2 urgently need the cash.. Meet my asking price and il throw in a delivery to you, at my own expense.

Queries can reach me at 87498281. thx so much for your time.