1964 Hofner 185 Artist Bass


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Dear all,

Up for sale is a real gem: a 1964 Hofner 185 Artist Bass.

hofner bass.jpg

Photo taken from Google*
This photo is to be used merely as reference; mine is a lot more beat up, with a ton more relic. Previous owner took it upon himself to strip the guitar of its paint I believe, and it currently dons a natural finish. Guitar is all original bar the paint strip. Working condition is great, too. Unfortunately, I do not have the original case for this piece, but I will find a padded gig bag for you to take home with it. Also, I am happy to take more photos upon request - just wanted to list this out there to see if it got any attention to begin with.

Specs are as follows:
Body: Contoured, Off-Set-Waist, Alder, with a glued-on PVC coat
Neck: chunky, fat “C” Shape, Maple, with High-Gloss Black Lacquer
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Perloid
Scale: Medium 30″
Nut width: 1 6/8″
String spacing: 14 mm
Pickups: 2x Höfner 511B 8-Pole Humbuckers
Switches: On-off for both pickups
Controls: Tone and Volume for each pickup

These go for a LOT. One recently sold for $2000 SGD after shipping, and it didn't even have the original case with it: https://reverb.com/item/28310282-1964-hofner-185-solid-bass. I am looking to get $1000 for this piece, in lieu of the cosmetic issues, and the paint strip. Not too keen on trades but hit me with what you have regardless, I am keen on almost anything.

Non-obligatory viewing available upon request.
Please contact me at 8101 0441 if keen. Cheers!
Dear all,

I have received a fair few trades for basses in the hours that this has been posted. And in receiving these offers, it has gotten me to reflect on my own inventory - and I have decided that I am quite happy with the basses that I have currently. I have decided that trades-wise, I am currently only looking for guitars. Very sorry for not mentioning this any earlier, but regardless - I do appreciate all the offers.