Audioslave -- Live In Cuba DVD


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Has anyone checked this out yet?

This DVD is all good despite not having a choice for DTS or dolby digital surround sound.

But there is another major problem -- Chris Cornell.

Don't get me wrong. As witnessed by God, I love this man. His voice had never failed to kick some serious assage and he looked like the quintessential rock god. I have all of Soundgarden's CDs, his solo album and the two Audioslave's releases. But how the mighty has fallen!

Granted, Cornell has never been an amazing singer live, judging from some old Soundgarden's bootlegs that I've listened to. But still, compared to this concert DVD, his peformance was very weak. His voice was raspy and blown out, very pitchy, off key and he looked as if he's straining to hit some notes. I was cringing when he sang Black Hole Sun and was straining to hit the high notes, but what got me shocked to the very core of my soul was he actually sang Rage Against The Machine's Sleep Now In The Fire! What was he thinking? Zack de la Rocha is rolling on the floor laughing his ass off somewhere.

But then again, I noticed since he came out with Audioslave, his voice has never been the same since. Maybe age is catching up with him. Sigh.... What a shame indeed.
its not that bad.. he sounds amazing on i am the highway and shadow of the sun, black hole sun dont really sound nice on acoustic.

he did some soundgarden covers, its only fair to his bandmates if he does some ratm covers too , its not bad, but maybe its just hilarious.. when you imagine chris rapping

Tom Morello did an awesome job on the leads.
I had alot of 'slave bootlegs, and hearing him sing killing in the name or sleep now in the fire makes me cringe ... But i still like him ... Tom morello yo
i watched diz a couple of times already.haha.they played covers from sound garden cos chris cornell was from there..and of coz...since the guitarist,bassist and drummer were from rage against the machine..they played rage against the machine covers i must say..THE FIRST AMERICAN BAND TO PLAY IN CUBA!