Zoom G7.1ut Guitar Effects Console





Cool 8)

I think their future .2 models (two pedals) will be interesting.
I think it was released not long ago, eventually, it should appear in City Music i guess. It should be having the same sound quality as the G2/2.1, since they're all using the same ZFX-3 chip. The interesting thing is there's a tube inside. There were more G-series models during the 2005 NAMM show, looks like their improved versions are coming out soon, with tubes, bundled software, etc. :D
Yeah it does look super cool.
I wonder how much will it cost, a tube inside you say?
no idea about the price. Looks like the G9.2tt is aiming to be like the VOX Valvetronix ToneLabSE:


Never heard of how an effect sounds like with a tube inside. Something to look forward to this year. :)
why all these multi-efx units cant make their LCD screen bigger so tt we can see better...hai
Its worth value for money......the G7 is lighter than BossGT8 and also smaller abit.

Cool stuff. 12Ax7 tube plus Cubase software, amp sim, 6 band eq's, ....... :lol:
it's not even launched by Zoom yet. The strange thing is that Zoom displayed the whole G series of multieffects at the start of 2005, then launching the G models one by one.

One interesting trend across most brands is that all the latest flagship guitar multieffects are going black:

Line6 PODxt Live
Boss GT-8
Digitech GNX3000
Zoom G-series