Music Production Masterclass in Chinatown (5 classes from Aug - Dec)


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hello i'm running a masterclass on making your own music from mid Aug - mid Dec in chinatown.

1. There's a total of 5 masterclasses each being 2.5 hrs where I cover the art of finding your sound, songwriting, editing, mixing and releasing music. There is also an optional show where creators can share their music

2. Before the 1st class, I'll run two free Q&A sessions and share tips on preparation. The first Q&A is monday 4th July at 8 pm (if free to attend)

3. All the sessions are on a monday and will be recorded just in case users can’t make it or need to watch a replay

Most people struggle with getting started or finishing songs but it's very easy to make music once you can see the map and have a systematic workflow. Hope this can support your journey or if you know who’d benefit pls share it

Info -

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