Music Lessons w/ Professional Musician and Educator!


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Guitar lessons available for students of all levels! Let me help you with your music journey, and shape it in ways that you desire.

Diploma in Music Teaching (Level 6) Rockschool
Grade 8 Guitar Rockschool
MOE-AMIS Certified
Programme Head and Co-founder @ Insyncsg
Music Director at various JCs

I also am the guitar-player for various artistes (Sezairi, Tim De Cotta, Din Ilango..)

Here are some musical topics that will be covered:

- Music Theory, Chord Construction, Harmony
- Technique and Dexterity
- Chordal Vocabulary
- Relaxation Concepts
- Rhythm and Groove
- Using Triads
- CAGED Systems
- Various Styles of Music
- Improvisation
- Application of Altered Scales
- Application of Modes
- Sight-Reading
- Tone Development
- Songwriting and Music Production
- Creating Textures using Effects

If you would like to see me play:


For sneaks at original music compositions, here's my Spotify page:


Lesson plans will be customised to each individual student. Timings are flexible, and lessons are held at a studio (Leo Studios, 3min away from MacPherson MRT) with state of the art equipment.

Get in touch to arrange your first lesson! You can email me at or text me at 87765818.