Acoustic/Electric/Bass/Ukulele lessons for Beginners and Intermediate players!


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*New* Acoustic/Electric/Bass/Ukulele lessons @ Tampines! Also basic recording and guitar maintenance services available!

Hi, I'm Paul, a passionate guitar enthusiast who has more than 25 years of experiences with music composition, arrangement, recording and teaching! I have been active with music from a tender age and had been playing music with my bands; as a guitarist in one and a bassist in another. I'm Rockschool Grade 5 certified in electric guitar (2019) and also have other certifications from Berklee College of Music.

My philosophy in teaching is not just teaching you the ABCs of playing guitar but also to inspire the student to raise the bar and 'unlock' their fullest potential. Based on the student's strengths and weakness, I will customise a personalised guitar learning programme to optimise the learning curve. For better learning experience and progression, 1-to-1 lesson is highly recommended. 2 in a group are also welcome! Online lessons are also available!

Lesson Plan/Objective: *Training materials provided!*
- Aim is to equip beginners with the basic skills to be able to play quickly
- Able to play simple songs with ease
- Develop muscle memory, listening skills
- Learn and understand basic music theory/technical;
- Intermediate players can learn advanced chords, lead improvisation and chord progression.
- Also more advanced techniques such as hammer-ons/pull offs, slides and bends, harmonics etc
*above list is non-exhaustive.

Face to face (1-to-1) lesson $120 / 30min x 4 lessons (Beginner)
Face to face (1-to-1) lesson $150 / 45min x 4 lessons (Intermediate)

Feel free to PM me for more details!
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