Versatile Guitarist offering 1-1 Private Lessons


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Hi there,

Playing the guitar can be an extremely relaxing and rewarding thing to do. In my case it's almost akin to meditation. I feel a deep sense of calm and inner peace. However the journey of learning to play can be tough and frustrating.

My name is Joe and I'm passionate about guitar playing which is what I currently do full-time. I'm also a certified sound engineer and an all out music buff. I'm here to help you in this journey of learning to play guitar by sharing all of my knowledge and experience with regards to guitar playing. I'm currently available for 1-1 private guitar lessons. You can reach me on +65 9668 3324 for enquiries.



Q. What's your playing style?
A. From acoustic guitar to finger style and from electric guitar to lead playing, I've dabbled in them all. You can check out some of my playing here

Q. Where do you conduct your classes?
A. At my place of residence. Currently I live in a Condo on the east side at Amber Gardens.

Q. Do you offer a trial lesson?
A. Yes. Currently I'm offering a free trial session for all enquiries coming from here. In this session I will share more about my guitar teaching approach. Additionally I will also want to know about your goals, expectations and motivation for learning guitar.

Q. Are you available on weekdays late evenings and on weekends?
A. Yes.