Looking for jamming buddies and maybe future gigs if there is bandwidth


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Just trying my luck here, havent been playing for a while.

Looking to form a jamming band, my personal interests in punkrock/emorock/glamrock/heavyrock or anything that rocks! Lol. Some random example: MyChemicalRomace, Oasis, NeckDeep, Blink182, Sum41, Panic@theDisco, Queen, Muse, Coldplay, FallOutBoy etc..

About myself, am 40m chi.
I play the Bass, been with some previous live gigs experiences, enjoys with effects, big muff, chorus, synthesizers.. whatever crap pedals i can mix with... previous guitarist i played with “complained” i toyed around with more pedals & effects setup than his electric guitar setup haha.

Would prefer weekdays evenings for jamming.

Am open to suggestions & songlists to choose, as long as:
1. Have fun!
2. Turn up at least 70% prepared of the songs we choose,
3. But not being “judgmental” and nitpicking on every single missed note. (During casual jamming)
3. Be steady & Turn up for jamming once agreed, or at least give prior notice.. unless emergency. forgot to feed pet dog doesn't count lol...
Serious haha. Anyone who has arrange for jamming will understand what i mean, the frustration when someone mia and only say cannot turn up after 30minutes into the jamming session rite?

What do you enjoy to play?
Do drop me a note/sms/watsapp if interested to start the amps rolling...

Thanks for reading & good nite!
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