Who Is The Best Salesperson/Players In Music Shops...


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hey guys, who do u think is/are the best salesperson cum guitar players in music shops in town.

Hmmm.. Why do you want to know?

Lawrence from Allmusic is a great guy for sure.

Luther from luthermusic as well. Very friendly. No pressure at all.
I dunno his name, but you see him in Guitar77 now and again - he might be the owner, and also wailing in the little 'office/storeroom' opposite. He's an older guy and he plays all style with conviction - shred, whammy tricks, blues, jazz. Amazing. Next time I see him I'm gonna make him adopt me and teach me *everything*. :)

1. BEEZ (master) ex Combp shop now with Guitar 77
2. George Han (Ex Swee Lee now donno where)
3. E Gana (Dan Eterprise BUT only when he's in a good mood - great deals)

my 2 cents worth...
wat abt swee lee brass basah, therez many sales person there, arn't they any better? GW(guitar workshop) owner fancis poh palys well too, he's more on jazz now then in the 80's rock, wat abt davis? :lol:
You guys should go check out Han at Ranking...

very versatile and proficient player...excellent service too!
12bar said:
You guys should go check out Han at Ranking...

very versatile and proficient player...excellent service too!

Heard him played Flight of the Bumblebee once..and was amazed 8O
sultan, is, faizal and symon from bras basah sl
David from music theme
honey at the other branch,
yeah symon too.. attended diploma classes with him.. really fun chap and a great guitar player/composer..
Symon from Swee Lee Bras Basah get my vote for excellence service. He always wear a smile on his face and show real sincere attitude when serving customers.
yeah finally from swee lee, probably they're the shy type to be acknowledged :lol: After all swee lee are so damm well known for their :?: :lol:
Swee Lee had many good player in the past - as mentioned my fav sales guy George Han...jazz muso Clinton Carnegie was once there & serviced me well also in the early days...Dino, Manfred, Tony Gan etc... thing is...and this is my personal opinion ...you got prefferential treatment if you knew them well... I dont know the currant batch of Swee Lee staff now but kudos if they are really into service... I dont go there so often coz dam sianz kena leave my bag (briefcase) one corner before going in....it's a hassle... 8)
who is the best sale person

I vote for Francis Poh from Guitar Workshop.He try to remember U, once u become his customer and always at yr sevice and very helpfull too. Swee Lee keep on change sale guy, they only interested in selling their guitars, no service or long term relation with their ex-customers. U want, U paid and go, that it.