which kinda jamming kakis makes you Toolan?!?


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i got nothing to do, now office lunch hour, so start this tread to keep myself alive la... ha :lol:

basically, i damn Toolan with ppl who come to jam who
1) never practice at home, come already kenna waste time waste money.
2) got a lot of ideas, so much ideas that eventually become HIS idea, HIS song, HIS composition, everything is HIS!!
3) are habitually later comers.

anybody wants to share their grievances??? :?: 8O
I hate band members who think its all about them. And especially those who don't appreciate my input, thinking theirs are so great. Yep.

Thats why I'm single now :D
Neone want a cow guitarist?
Poor jam discipline

- Never do homework
- Always giving excuses (can't play properly and well becos this uncomfortable, that uncomfortable.. jeez, if you're good, you'll make whatever you play sound good)
- Doesn't know when to stop when someone's talking
- Doesn't know how to swallow pride and learn from mistakes
- Someone who doesn't know how to share the limelight. (It's about the band, not the individual..)

Well that's what usually puts me off. But that's reality i suppose, pride and ego's always getting in the way. It can make an otherwise happy and fun jamming session a living hell.
those hor.. got a kwai lan face.. den go jamming act shuai look into the reflection in the glass door.. act shuai but dono he look so guai lan.. den play off everytime.. everyone stare at him.. he smile smile den restart which he got wrong again.. do nothing.. ask him for ideas of song.. say dono.. den keep on actin shuai.. machiam wan act like some dickhead simple planner like that.. give the kwai lan face machiam hes on stage.. one word.. simple word.. KWAI LAN!

+ ah bengness

= own band is OWNED by him!
I personally feel that the implementation of two words could really make jamming sessions, other projects fun and enjoyable.

Whether or not there are pros or noobs around;

*Be humble*
wa, gordonzzz very angry now...

i recommend a solution, go take a break, come back later today, read your own stuffs, have a good laugh, coz now ur definitely keeping my lunch very entertained, even my coll. ask me why i look at computer can laugh n laugh one....

keep posting ppl, keep it coming.. we know you are not alone!
next time take a vidcam and share with us.. Sure can make into Singapore's Funniest Jammin Session antics and such!!!