Why Aren't You a Better Guitarist

tomhess said:
You can learn too, but must begin with positive thinking always. If you think you have little or no potential, it will be very hard to acheive anything.

i fully agree. i do get a lot of fellow guitar players who start out and say that they're not talented, will never be so-and-so.

what i always say is this: You have perfectly no bodily defects, no loss of limbs, no physical impairments. In this sense you are very lucky. You are already more talented than those who are physically impaired and have to work harder for success as a guitarist.

I hope new learners to the guitar can cherish their gifts after reading this. I don't think I'm anything great as a guitarist, but I am fortunate and grateful for my talents and definitely wish to make full use of what I have.
Welcome Tom, always great to have someone to share with the rest of us. Do give us some professional comments on our recordings in the Open Mic section too! :)
Hi everyone and thank you for your warm welcome.

To Thor666, you have posted wise words, Perhaps someday you will be a guitar teacher, you have made a valuable contribution here to this thread! Thank you!
very very inspiring..

just a question Tom, is studying business enough? or music business is very different from it all?

cos im currently going for a degree in business and maybe i could just figure out the music aspect in business without a full course?

Oh, and I'm drafting my plan/goals now.
To jtsang2501,
To study business is good and will help, but no it is not enough, you need to truly learn two other VERY important things:

1. How the music industry REALLY works ( alot of the books out there are not really accurate anymore a lot has changed in the last 4-6 years.)

2. You need to think more like an "Entrepreneur"!

Business schools only really teach yuo how to become a good "manager" of people, products, services and sometimes ideas. But you will notice there is no course at the universities called "Wealth Building 101" or "Build your own Empire 101" At least not in North America. The "REAL" things you need are not taught in schools. Actually, even music schools do not teach students "HOW TO DEVELOPE YOUR OWN MUSIC CAREER!!"

I posted 2 replies to this thread: http://www.soft.com.sg/new/modules....&t=10358&sid=60101b7aeefcf6dce7a66d84b84ba806

YOu can see some insight there I think.

If you "TRULY" are "Committed" to a music career and you are confident that you are ready, contact me directly via email through my site, I can offer you more words. I could easily post all of this here, but sometimes at other forums when I do something like that, some people are angry because they think I am posting it as spam. So I do not wish to upset anyone here by doing the same, unless everyone here is ok with that. Anyway, tink about what I have said here and if you are ready and committed, contact me
wow.. great post.. kinda like a motivation for me. But the thing is that i'm currently self-taught.. thus.. i have no idea how am i goanna improve. I'm always stuck at the same things. ah well.. hope to learn as much as possible as time goes. heh.