where else can i get a tama stagestar


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i went to the sweelee sale just now and its like queued with SO many people!!

i'm suppose to get a tama stagestar over there but the situation dont look good.

where else can i get a tama stagestar?and what are the addresses? :smt100



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i saw nigel playing the drums in the shop today, wanted to say hi but then he was damn busy... he's extremely pro man... u need anything just ask him in the drum resources shop at the excelsior hotel...

hi guys how would y'all review the tama stagestar? As in sound quality.
I love the part where it saves so much space... but how bout the sound quality...?
get the swing star nicer feel,i also went to the swee lee sale wanted to get the stage star but it was sold already so i bought the swing star easier to play cos the small and mid tom bigger easier to hit