Looking for a vocalist to record original rock songs


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TLDR: looking for a vocalist (any age/gender) to record original rock songs

Hi! We’re a couple of musicians (both male, aged 25/27) working on a debut album. The bulk of the songs for the album have been written and we’re midway through recording the instruments. Genre-wise, most of the songs roughly fit within the alt rock genre, although some songs have emo, post-hardcore or indie rock influences.

We’re looking for a vocalist to record on some or all of the songs, and possibly join us as a full-time band member to write/record more songs and play live gigs in the future. If you’re an aspiring rock vocalist looking for the opportunity to get your voice out there on original projects, this is your chance.

No age/gender preference. Feel free to reach out even if you’re not an experienced vocalist! Bonus points if you can play the electric guitar.

Bands we take inspiration from include: Brand New, Thursday, Thrice, Saosin, My Chemical Romance, Weezer, Underoath, American Football, Yellowcard, Paramore, amongst many others.

If you’re interested, contact me through telegram @assholepettingzoo or through a PM. I can provide demos of the songs we’re working on if you want to get a feel of our style.

^^a project both of us have worked on in the past, although the songs we're doing now tend to be more complex and harder-edged
Yo. I just heard the past project via the link. You guys still looking? I used to front a short lived Rockband, would like to get together and talk if you guys are down