looking for bassist


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me and 2 of my friends recently started a rock band and we have everything we need except for a bassist. its okay if youre new to bass and are not very good, as long as ur willing to play bass and have fun doing it its alright, people who dont play bass but are interested in doing so are welcome too (in fact its better if youre not very good, cus we all are the same) also itd be better if you were around our age (15-18). we have a couple of songs written but since were still pretty new if we go jamming or anything were mainly trying out covers

genre: anything rock, but whatever we feel like doing (right now i love shoegaze, indie, psychedelic, math, post punk dream pop, grunge, punk) (just take a look below)

my jam: radiohead, slowdive, tricot, the cure, pink floyd, sunny day real estate, my bloody valentine, deftones, car seat headrest, modest mouse, pavement, alice in chains, black flag, nirvana, weezer, built to spill, joy division, the strokes, green day, the velvet underground, the clash, queens of the stone age, the microphones/phil elverum, fleet foxes, the olivia tremor control, the smiths, animal collective, ride, number girl, interpol, pixies, the smashing pumpkins, fugazi and others

lmk thru discord if ur interested, my username is gakers. (with a full stop)

or my tele (gak)
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hello! if y'all are still looking, I'm interested to play with y'all :) I play bass at a somewhat beginner level, and I'm 23:) u can reach me on ig at the same username (@ubxks)!