waiter job. got lobang?


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alrite as the title of the room says.

i strictly only need those who know of restaurants who are hiring to reply.
the rest who oso need jobs please don't reply and say "yah eh i oso need..anybody know of it?" please don't ok? :D

well waitering is the only job i can take up now. the rest my parents dun allow. dunno y.

so.. restaurants to reccomend? good pay. flexible working hours. hopefully nice boss too.
You can always try those hotels as their temperory staff usually come and go very often. Fits perfectly to your expectations except the nice boss part....

Usually they will be looking for more staff during the "busy" months where they will be a lot of weddings/functions etc
yeah lah hotels

Most hotels would hire part time staff for their so called banquets. Restaurants hire also what. Just tell them you will continue after the holidays too. If in the end u cant, just say that ur parents say no lor. Its just whether ur conscience can take it or not.

And yes.. NEW PAPER everyday got. Classifieds also have what under part time section. FIND.
yea alrite thanx. but if u actually read my question carefully, i was asking for the SPECIFIC restaurant that probably u had a better experience with.