using all fingers to play


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hello all, another question....

ive been playing for at least 1 year already and from the beginning ive only used one or two fingers only to do riffs. but ive improved, but im still using one or two fingers like last year.

how do i make myself use all?? its like telling your fingers to do what you want but somehow they wont budge...
its called practise....the more u practise the more ur fingers will be flexible... one day ur finger will have a life on its own... haha

i read this in guitar magzines... air guitaring does have it uses... so whenever i listen to good riffs i would move my fingers to imagine me playing it.. the article says it helps to get your fingers used to the movements ans timings so that you'll feel natural when u play.. but don't try this in public.. hahah.. i forgot tt i was in study room once and i was air guitaring away like a mad man til my fren hit me..
ehh... i tink your fingers would be flying around the fretboard like crazy if you use 2 fingers.

maybe you could try telling urself to limit this 'flying' by using your other fingers? or maybe you could check out some videos on the song you're learning?
Contary to what a lot of people would recommend... I would say this is more of an issue of the mind than practice.

If you are struggling to get all fingers down there are some things you got to set right and keep it in mind. Its really more of a mental discipline.

Rem this: Always have your digits as close as possible to the fretboard at all times. And I don't mean all crammed up together but spaced out, 1 finger per fret. At ALL times.

Its very hard to do now but you have to constantly remind yourself and keep it in mind.

When you get it down... you'll be a happy man who is now ready to talk about using more digits to play. Till you get there. :)

can do this practise riff... 1 2 3 4 all use different fingers... also can use to train your right and left coordination using a pick.. den hit the strings down for 1 .. up for 2 down for 3 ,up for 4

den best is u can from low e to high e and den back to low e...

i always play this to warm up my fingers before jamming..
im serious about guitaring as well, its just sometimes some techniques can be quite daunting and can discourage me from going any further

but i wont give up....i will be the best speedmetal guitarist in town!!!
the diagram Jayshen provided is useful. IT helps you utilise all four fingers.

Remember i mentioned about 2 notes per string and 3 notes per string?

For 3 notes.
The most optimal use of your fingers while scaling is either INDEX, MIDDLE, PINKY or INDEX, RING, PINKY. Hence when you go down the scale ... depending on which note is closer to your index or your pinky ... you will use that combination.

For 2 notes.
Seldom use Pinky. Either INDEX, MIDDLE or INDEX RING. Usually used for pentatonic scale .... can be applied to 3 notes per string as well.

Well, there are always exceptions whereby certain situations conpels you to use other means. You should plan a route for which fingers to use while you are practicing so that you dun have to think about it when you perform. Good finger management can really help you get higher dexterity and speed.
Haha u r not alone. I started out with my last 2 fingers being very stiff & I thot its gonna be doom for me. However, with much constant practices & determinations & inspirations, somehow you will be able to make it :)

As suggested in Jayshen figure, I would like to add one more almost similar one. It's the opposite of it which helps u train ur pinky beta.


Note : u dun hafta try to play them fast :lol: do it slowly 1st :wink: hope it does help.
My teacher just taught me this to train 4 fingers


You just do this on all 6 strings of your guitar lah...much more mind boggling than the chromatics...
For a moment there I thought this thread was about 8 finger tapping LOL :)

The exercises are great as a starting point, try mixing stuff up, lot's of possibilities with 4 notes on each string. You could try also starting each figure with a different finger, and work on your finger dexterity where it's lacking.

Yes do those exercises alot ... If a song maybe asks you to play


try your best to use your ring and index ... even if its hard .. in the end you will be able to play with ease ... if you dont try using all fingers now, when you play harder songs, suffer ...