Tom Delonge is a tone GOD.

I had to record Blink 182's All the Small Things back in MDC.

Damn, it was hard. Took about 4 takes... and the tri AC nails Tom's tone perfectly althought I was cringing at the tone....

Okok.. sorry... I'm no fan of blink... :wink: Hehehehe...
Wes Borland's guitar tone in the limp bizkit albums is magnificent. like a wall of sound. the perfect tone for nu-metal IMO.
Re: Tom Delonge is s tone GOD.

wangdexian said:
Now flame away.
I'm sure pooo will agree though. :lol:

LoL, i don't dig the band and their songs, but what i do like is the invader through the mesa's and marshalls :D
Hahahaa.... Notice what the topic of the thread has become? Hehe.. goes to show how much tone there is from Tom to talk about... :lol: