Swee Lee - can't be bothered !!.


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:evil: Just tried for over two weeks to get a price for a guitar from Swee lee. They did not have in stock but promised to get back to me with price etc. took my name, number etc but did not call. Now after two more inquiry calls rom me they can't find anything. So frustrating, when the staff just are lazy to bother. Anyone else had this poor service from swee lee?
well it's not the first and definitely not the last we will hear of lousy service from them. I decided to boycott swee lee since years ago
Canon, which guitar are you looking for? who was the person you spoke with?
i dono which one u went to but i went to the one at bras basah. i think there the service pretty good, theres this employee who even told me don buy the guitar
i have no idea what swee lee's game plan is. over the years i've had bad service, wrong info, delayed shipment, damaged goods, hastily repaired gear thats fixed not to manufacturer specs, pure ignorance, and my personal fav, straight out lies.

i gave up on swee lee a long time ago. sometimes i have no choice, they are the authorised service center for alot of my gear, but i dont see the point of that anymore.

am glad there are finally some shops out there who are giving swee lee some serious compitition. (when it comes to instruments anyways).
EvilGtr said:
well it's not the first and definitely not the last we will hear of lousy service from them. I decided to boycott swee lee since years ago

so you missed the amazing sale :lol:
Swee lee service is like jekyll and hyde, sometimes they give good service and sometimes they give lousy service... No consistency in their service
Well dude. If I were you, I'd come down personally and get it done. If they don't entertain me, I'll just walk out. Lol they don't deserve your time/money if they treat you like so. Well. IMO.
i've always had good service from them despite me enquiring about loads and not actually buying anything lol. i guess i'm the only one who doesnt have anything against sweelee here? :lol:
me, ive had pretty alright service from em. i got my bass pickups changed there, that was pretty much a neutral experience.

but when i went to get a guitar for my cousin, this large (no offense meant, just for differenciate the pple) guy recommended a pretty good acoustic for her. he even tested it out for us to hear, since i was so noobish then i wouldnt dare set my hands on the strings :oops:
me havent went there for very long time...because theres no reason for me to be there...everything i need can be gotten at davis at a much cheaper price, and sometimes better condition too...last time when i was looking for a distortion pedal, i went there to see, all so expensive! my guitar teacher told me their stuff is grossly overpriced too...as for service, i was most of the time ignored, but service was on the low side of acceptable...i noticed that Ang Mohs get flowery treatment there...however, i have been given RUDE treatment there before...that really stinks...im not hating them though, still will buy stuff from them if i need to...
stillwater:but like tt u dont get to try leh..

swee lee is overpriced?i bought this set of acoustic strings at swee lee 4 $6.
then saw the same set at city music at $8...
but i think city music got the best service....
as for swee lee..the service is ok...no bad experiences so far...
sometimes they juz ignore u..but some customers prefer to look around themselves right(including me :D )...sometimes i go to shops juz to look at their stuff n when the guys come to me i say 'can i juz look around 1st?'
maybe too many ppl like me so tt's y they neglect customers...hehehe...
n no other place in singapore sell corts guitars right?
i'm actually eyeing the cort X-2...at davis selling 4 $300 b4 discount...
i heard end of yr they alwaes got 50% off...if tt's the case,then it'll be $150 :lol: ...hopefully by tt time my parents allow me to buy...hehehe...
The strings you got were probably old stock.

For me, i go there knowing what i want, if not i wont even bother going there.