Stickers for your guitar

Actually theres a shop in queensway that sell some stickers, mostly metal irrc. I got an exodus one and soilwork one. $2 each.
Print my own? Haha...I don't have the sticker type of paper...nor does my printer have that service...

Nitrovo, does that shop sell random sticker stuff too?
Penisular, you go up the escalator. There are a coupla shops there, instantly recognisable.
Get em' stickers there! It's all in a thick album.
cant remember dude. the shops focuses on metal mainly. its like a clairvoyent records but less death/black/doom and more heavy/thrash etc.

I'm guessing your looking for punk bands?

Maybe got to a printing shop, again they are on the top floor of queens way. just take in a design on thumbdrive or floppy disk and they will print it out for you.
Peninsular has too? Damn, I've been missing it all this while! Thanks, Phil...

Yep, nitrovo, looking for punk bands...even if the sticker's not related to music, I'll take it!
can get them anywhere literally.any clothes shop in penin has.think so.think theres another thread on stickers.
YESSSS.i totally agreee.theres this other thread where i totally disagreed wit pasting.but still its personal preference.oh welll. :roll:
Paste sticker for what. Cool is it? Want to show you guys are sooooo punk that you guys are going against the normal civilised way of keeping your guitars clean?

Oops I'm sorry. My fingers just got a lil out of control. Yeap it's a personal preference! They rock!!!!!1111

Pasting stickers doesn't mean you're punk...we paste stickers on our art bags when we were small...but we weren't punks's sort of to make your guitar look nice...a personal thing, you know...if no one pastes no stickers, then guitars of the same model and brand would be the same! No difference!
Nice means different things to different people. To me it is a sticker-less guitar... :lol: Maybe a small sticker can la, like Malmsteen's ducky, to signify something significant to you.... Or KH's Caution:HOT sticker ...
I'm surprised no one talked about the price of those stickers in Peninsula.

Not sure for myself, but will you guys spend 5 bucks on a "smaller than palm-sized sticker?"

I went to the shop once, flipped the entire album and their stickers are really expensive. One tiny piece will cost you like 2-3 dollars.