Something Wrong with Topic Notifications


New member
Hi James,

I think there is something wrong with the Topic Notifications that is sent via email. I can't enter the link directly. Is there anything that can be done? If there is any help needed, I'll gladly render.

It's under this page, called "Watch this topic for replies".

naturally it wouldn't work since James has moved the entire direction from /new/ to /2006/. I think what you can do is click and watch your previous topics again.

Otherwise, it's something James would be spending his next week configuring. :p
neuro182, maybe you can Unwatch and then Watch again? Let me know if it works.
james your "Latest Discussions@S.O.F.T. Forum"

oh i tink this is for new threads only.. but i prefer the ones last time where any new reply of wad it'll show too.. 8)

Hey James,

Thanks a million. It's working fine for me now. I love it man!! The old school style!!