original xmas pop song bout struggles with a heavy vocal twist


hey y’all! does it matter what day it is? whenever something good happens, something bad falls through immediately..

it’s a pattern i’ve observed for a long time, but no doubt it’s part of life. this song is about my frustration and anger over that, how you and i can’t run away from it even when a festive holiday is near. trying to navigate through that is confusing - you tend to get lost in the midst of everything happening all at once. even when you’ve been recovering and pushing on from your previous setbacks and celebrating the good experiences that have happened, you will be bound to feel upset by the next fall, and the next one, and the next one..

hope you enjoy the not-so-sweet surprise during the half of the song. had a blast creating this. thank you Mike and Extra Noir for having this track on your Xmas compilation. if it weren’t for y’all, this wouldn’t have existed.

i hope you have a fun xmas with your loved ones if you do celebrate. hope you enjoy the track!

check out Extra Noir’s Xmas Compilation, Noël Noir here: https://extranoir.bandcamp.com/album/no-l-noir.

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