self-directed/edited music video. BALLAD on disenchantment of love. DRIVE MY CAR


hi! i’m goneMUNE, a fairly new dark alternative pop artist and i just released my ballad, DRIVE MY CAR’s music video from my EP TULPA. i’m not gonna be releasing music anytime soon so this is most possibly my last music video for the year. i had fun filming and editing this!

i hope y’all enjoy it! there’s more info in the video’s description about the meaning of the video — the disenchantment of traditional relationships from media came upon me when my parents separated, alongside many other assumptions of love.

here’s a little poem i made too.

“it feels like i’ve known you forever, not in body, but in spirit.
an entity in human form,
you —
i am waiting, for our call to rebirth.

drive my car, take my life apart,
even though we aren’t related in blood
my heart calls out for yours
and your touch.”

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