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Hey people...

How bout making a SOFT gathering??

It would be great.. we can mingle with each other..

hey soft, how bout it?? we see who's up for this ok?

AND BY THW WAY... this is important....


Re: SOFT. Gathering..

khai_stereotype said:
How bout making a SOFT gathering?

Next availlable opportunity is after the Marty Friedman gig. I'll be hanging with some Softies at the pub after - location TBD. Anyone else welcome. I personally reckon that The Dubliner's Pub at Penang Rd is the nearest bar to SP Power unless anyone knows a closer one.
Re: hlo

khai_stereotype said:
8) i was thinking of more to a bbq or chalet or picnic gathering.. 8O
Also good.

Burnt meat at East Coast - you sold me. :)

Let me know when it is - I'm there.
Me too. Nothing ever beats meeting fellow musicians and talking about common interests and shit :D
I second the idea of a pub gathering. After the marty clinic would be good. alcohol would be great in lowering inhibitions.
I'm not a fan of pubs, but if it's Softies i'm gonna be gathering with, I'd be more than happy to join in.
wangdexian said:
You guys make students like us make right smack at home. :lol:

Ok.. We'll be nicer to you.. We go to ur house and have a gathering there instead.. Hehehehehehe.. Just jokin. :lol:
Mmm some of the softies below 18, can go pubs still? I mean, dont drink lah, at most order olane juce. Or chalet will be better, then bring acoustic there wahhahaa
This is a great idea. But calling james to organise i think is too overboard. No intention of sucking up to him but thinking that he run this website all by himself, paying the domain and servers. And with the little donations we make, it's impossible for him to make a chalet for us. And he did all these voluntarily.

Funds is another factor. Maybe each of us can contribute alittle to make it happen rather than throwing everything to james. I think if we are really having this BBQ or chalet, we would invite james and let him have a good time after doing so much stuff for us. I believe after the chalet or BBQ, he will feel that he IS appreciated and do up an even better job.

Any kind souls out there, willing to organise and do up the stuff?
Well... Give a date and time period lah for the chalet.
and most importantly, add your name to the list if you wana participate.

My suggestion would be Start of July, where school holidays just ended. Cos the window to book a chalet during this holiday period is almost over already. and it might cost more too.. So too all ya school going kids, you're are still cordially invited, but, you wana stay over, or wana pontang, its up to you. will try to find preferably a weekend.

(well, not actaully trying to organise one. Just checking the response before any plans are put down.)

Parties interested: (just put your name down, need to check response)