single note muting

which of these techniques are you really good at??

  • pull offs/hammer on

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  • palm mute

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  • tapping

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  • alternative picking

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  • pinch harmonics

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  • strumming

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  • all of the above

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okay, recently today ive just mastered (almost) what is single note muting...

but still im doubting something, and thats what i wanna ask you guys..

1. when is single note muting used in a scale riff (lets take the minor pentatonic scale for example)
2. why does single note muting on the g, b and high e strings sound so..."dead"?
3. is alternative picking a must in single note muting. when i play riffs with muting, its usually down down all the way. is it a must to have alternative picking when i wanna riff and mute fast??

yeah, thats all i need to know...

and thank you flexpatconf for being my guitar teacher and for teaching me guitar yesterday. i appreciate it, period.
Depends on how you apply it ... Single note muting is used alot in Fusion and Pop guitar styles ... more for a percussive background effect instead of a prominent function in a band setting.

In rock, it can also be used for riffs ... think Dave Mustain uses alot of that. And yah .. Kirk Hammet too. Muting other strings can also help you to produce a cleaner sound when scaling as well.

It probably sounds dead because you feel akward doing it ... play more riffs on the higher register untill you are comfortable.

There is no particular way to pick it .... some guitarists uses downward strokes all the way because it sounds much heavier if you do so .... like Charlie Christian and Kirk Hammet though different Genres. Alternate picking is smoother ... and of course easier. Practice both if you want.
there is a video of Al DI Meola here in this section... he is regarded as a master of single note muting, why not check it out?