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By Farid Long.

There comes a time in the life of a band where a multitude of reasons “brings the curtain down”. Any self respecting, creatively driven musical entity will know when it’s time” for the old chapter to end and a new story to begin. The Singapore based alternative band 6 Overdrive is one such act has now given us their swansong album “The Story of Jane”.
6 Overdrive has evolved from the lighter sounding, devil may care attitude and lifestyle critique mussing of their debut album Life@SG. The band has unrevokeably amassed it’s collective talents in what is probably their most critically acclaimed, lyrically sophisticated and finest production work in their musical resume.

“The Story of Jane” is a concept album which weaves a fine tapestry of songs and musical styles into a mature, dark and brooding masterpiece. A must have for the Singapore original music collector or alternative fan. The songs tell the story of the principal character “Jane Doe” and her struggles thru a torrid life filled with family violence, escapism, freedom of life, misguided love and eventually suffering and death. A story of a season in hell.

The songs.

Family Matters.
The title of the opening track, while sounding like some silly government campaign slogan, is actual the prelude to the dark and disturbing journey the listener is about to take with Jane.

Earmarked as the first single, the song describes Jane’s initial meeting with her envisioned soul mate “Jake Brown”. The song’s sparse opening sequences build up just as the character’s relationship with Jane does. Excellent use of vocal effects with a laid back “U2” feel.

Sweet Infinity.
The albums third track brings the listener back to vintage 6 Overdrive with the instrumentation sounding so prevalent as their early releases. The song tells of Jane’s ever evolving character and lifestyle as she embraces “life in the fast lane”. Tasty and chunky rhythm guitar work.

Indecisive ways.
Indecisive ways written during one of Izzy’s solo projects in 2018. The story continues with Jane’s foray into the dark side and coning under substance addiction and depression, leading to her “indecisive ways” in the life. The track originally featured American guitarist Rob Qualm but features 6 Overdrive’s axe man Nizam with his tight yet funky sound. Definitely single material.

Originally written 19 years ago, the song has been on the shelves until now. Re arranged by songwriter Herman, “Wait” continues Jane’s story as she struggles with life and love and seeks redemption after she leaves Jake. Simple and clean, the track is wonderfully different, stripped downed and bare.

Although the song title is actually the exact time it was written, more importantly it describes Jane’s ever failing relationship with Jake leading to her depression and her eventually leaving him. Once again, excellent guitar work with a trademark 6 Overdrive feel.

Cloud 9

Written by Izzy about the death of a close friend, cloud 9 is about death and one’s mortality. It mirrors Jane’s attempt for a way out of her pain after the death of her parents and with the painful solution she now faces. Excellent lyrics and a catchy bass break coupled with a soulful guitar solo.

In the Grains of Sand.
The album’s fitting closing number, “In the Grains of Sand” continues on the subject of mortality. Izzy harrowing mortuary and grave experience in the aid of deceased relative. Morbid curiosity in essence, best describes the tune. It also brings the curtain down on Jane’s troubled life. She is now “home” and suffers no more. The song features Ioana Amerita from Romania on lead vocals, lending a voice if not a face to our troubled heroine. Also featured is guitarist Carlos Severiche from Columbia with a wonderfully spiritual solo.

6 Overdrive are:

Robbie on vocals
Izzy on bass and vocals
Nizam on guitars
Rudy on drums.

All tracks recorded, mixed and produced by Izzy. All songs and lyrics written by Izzy except “Someone” and “Wait” written by Masta Rudy and Herman respectively.

A wonderful closure to the band as a musical entity, “The Story of Jane” is a poignant footnote in 6 Overdrive’s mark in the Singapore original music scene. Serious, deep, foreboding material that warrants repeated listening.

Available in digital and physical copy editions. Get it.
I'd like to give thanks to the author, because it's really good and informative, detailed review. I was enjoying while reading.

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