Shawn Lane.

Abso-Frickin-Lutely awesome.

It's been said that Billy Gibbons fell of his chair the first time he heard Shawn Lane's playing.

His passing was a major loss to the musical community.
Not only that, he had a 24 fret Ibanez S series custom. That rocks.

Google video for him, there's good clips of him and an instructional video.
Phil: mind telling me what was so special abt Lane's playing?
Pardon me, I'm not familiar with his works.
Okay, be warned, I am going into a sickening story-telling mode now. Pardon me.

Lane is widely known as one of the fastest guitar player around, as fast or faster than Malmsteen and Co.
But he refuses to be confined by the tag of an insane shredder, instead he opts to continually evolve his music, increase his already highy-cultured musical abilites
(note, musical and not just guitar) and expand his overall scope.

I read somewhere that there was a couple of years in his life that he totally devoted himself to Indian music. Yes, Indian, and within that short period of time managed to throughly master the style. He played with an Indian music virtuoso, he impressed that fellow so much that he called back to India to relate to his peers how amazing Lane's playing was.

Lane was a genius, or so I read. Once a friend went to his house and saw a hundred books on butterflies from the library. He asked Lane if they were for his daughter's school project. Lane replied saying that it was for himself.

I could go on and on, but basically he is a musical genius on par with Mozart and Co. There is this album of his that he wrote, recorded, engineered by himself (Powers of Ten).
His command of the fretboard and his music is something to behold, I suggest you go check out some of his works.
geez! he looks so young in this vid! any idea when it was made? He's unrecognizable from the one i saw from 2004.